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Justin Flom's passion is making magic and sharing joy!

We created The Magic Box because we love to make magic and share joy!  We love the astonishment on a person's face, we love to see them laugh and try to learn our secrets.  We live and breathe magic, and our boxes are designed by several amazing magicians!  Every month they will teach you how to use your new magic in secret videos at BLOG.AKMBOX.COM !

We're on your team!  We TEACH you the magic!

If you've ever seen Justin Flom do magic, you know how passionate he is about bringing joy to others through his amazing skills.  Justin learned magic at the age of two from his father.  The Magic Box team is here to do the same for you!  We want to join you in this new adventure and help you learn new tricks every month!

Justin started performing for a few friends, and he now is touring stadiums and bringing joy to thousands!  We know magic can be a talent that is a challenge to learn, and that's why we will teach you the art of magic.  Every subscriber will receive a monthly password to gain private access to  teaching videos!  Keep subscribing to continue receiving access to the site: BLOG.AKMBOX.COM .

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The Magic Box Community!

We aren't like other subscription boxes, we want to learn with you and share joy through magic with you.
We believe the world is a place for laughter, astonishment, and of course JOY!
Let us join you on the path towards sharing magic with others, and let's all bring joy to those around us.

Making MAGIC!

Sharing JOY!

Justin began his long magical journey at the remarkable age of just two years old!  If you ever have the opportunity to hear about his growth in skill and expertise, he'll tell you his youth was "spent in trunks and dark boxes."  Justin has a past that is filled with exciting stories related to magic. We want to bring you the excitement of magic too!  Be sure and check out Justin Flom's new book our box is based on!

Justin used to get in and out of trouble using magic as a kid.  That's what Adventures of a Kid Magician is all about; the character Zach getting in and out of trouble with his love of magic.  We are excited to bring you the AKM Box to teach you fun tricks that will amaze and bring joy to your friends.

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Every month you'll receive your Magic Box with unique tricks that will amaze your friends and start a new adventure.  But remember, you also will receive a secret password for only subscribers!  You learn all about your new tricks and get to see others use these skills to amaze others! Check out: BLOG.AKMBOX.COM .

This is a community of magicians and we want to see your tricks!  Send us videos, pictures, and tell us what you love about your monthly Magic Box!  If you send us your magic, we can feature you on our social media!  Be sure to join our E-Mail list to get updates and to see other subscribers awesome talents! Join the community!

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