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How it works

1. Subscribe!

Gain access to monthly videos created by Justin Flom and others! A secret world only for The Magic Box subscribers!

2. We assemble and ship your box

We pick the best tricks to start your adventure!  Every month is unique and holds exciting surprises!


3. Start learning magic!

Your Magic Box arrives right at your front door!  Watching tutorial videos at

The Magic Box is a great way to learn a new hobby!  Making magic and sharing joy with friends and family.

Learning magic has never been so easy... and fun!  The Magic Box is a community of people passionate about pursuing magic and learning how to amaze their friends.  We want to teach you how amaze others through our online videos! Join the community!

The Magic Box makes it as easy as possible to learn this exciting new hobby.  Simply subscribe and you will receive 3-5 magical effects on your doorstop every month!  We are here every step of the way to take your magical skills to new levels!  Below you will find a link to the blog where you can watch each month's tutorial video.

Helping people experience and create amazing magic every month!

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